Before You Know

Fred 2

Given Away

It's time

I've Come Around



Outer Space

She Knows You

Take Your Toast


The Base


A review of BP
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Jan 25th 2005: Found the songs. Threw them all up on the site. You can see them to the left. Feel free to download. Since I was given premission to host the songs a while back ago I will keep them up until I get asked to pull the songs. Hopefully people will enjoy them as much as I have. Also working on a Lyric section.
Jan 2nd 2005: Ok so I cannot find my other Beulah purple songs. Going to dig through my spare harddrives and hopefully find a backup somewhere. When I find them I will put all the songs up on the site and perhaps redo it.

Sept 3rd 2003: Ok So far have sent the email twice and no responce. Is this a chapter they wish to forget? I do not know. I will still promote this band as much as I can because thier music I really enjoy. If you know or have heard anything please email me.
Aug 16th 2003 : Alright. I knew when I setup the page that this band may be completely broken up and possibly not like a fan calling to find out information about them. At times I wish I had a record company so I could give them more exposure. So after a few weeks of searching I finally found a phone number. It said it went to one of the members. I called it and got someone on the line and was informed that the band is pretty much broken up. Tough times for all. They gave it a run I guess. I asked for premission to host some of the songs. I have a total of 13 different songs from them. I will try to host one to three of them at a time and give people time to snagg them. If I can find lyrics I will post them here too. If you want a burned CD that I made with some of thier songs on it email me. I made a bunch of CD's for them a few years ago to help promote them. I even went as far to get a local radio station to stick the song up on thier local's page.

Send me mail if you want a copy of the CD's I made

copyright Ed Buchanan 2005. Songs are here by premission from the band.