Staring out at the stars of the night. Not the stars of the sky but the stars of the night. Within the city there are not stars in the sky there are only stars from the buildings. Small dots of lights all around here and there. These things are the stars of the city. Standing there almost not breathing at all. He looks at the surrounding area. A can blown by the wind is rattling along the street. As he looks at the can he notices that there is a dent in it. Also he feels the breeze but notices that it is blowing in a slightly different direction. A can flying throughout the air landing 15 feet away from him. He leans up against the wall hoping that whoever is coming along wouldn't see him. Making himself part of the wall he hopes that they wont look at him and he realizes that wishing for that probably isn't gonna help. So instead of wishing and hoping for whomever to not see him he feels the wall some and notices that the building appears to be made out of stone. Reaching down he quickly tapped a small trigger on his boots to extend the small spikes that now stick out of his heel. Grabbing his two small daggers he holds them in his hand and slowly digs them all into the wall and climbs up it slowly. After he gets about 12 feet up he stops and holds his position. Each second a wearing down of his muscles to hold him there but each second buys him more time for life. After what seemed like an eternity of hanging there a small figure comes down the street. The person didn't seem that tall but from his viewpoint they looked small. The person looks around and slowly bends over and picks up the can. After grabbing the can he stands up and looks around. Silence still and darkness cloaking all. He drops the can and starts to walk back down the street.

A sigh escapes. A breath muttered. Muscles screaming for relief relax and a fly on the wall drops to the ground. A small sound escapes as it hits the ground and slowly gets back to its feet. The fly looks around and tries to keep a close watch on them.

'Scout 1 respond did you see anything in sector alpha II B?'

'Scout 1 here ... Na didn't pick up anything what about in II C?'

'I thought I saw something and threw a can towards it to see if I could get any reaction but when I went for closer inspection didn't see anything.'

'Ok well I am trailing you by 100 meters and I can't see anything behind you at the moment stop where you are and we will meet up there.'

'Roger that will do want me to shine my light for guidance or anything to help ya find me?'

'Na I got night goggles will find ya quite easily.'

'Ok see ya in a few.'

The fly stopped. There were two of them. Thanking what gods are left for the great deal he got on his implant. He moved quickly back into the shadows and climbed back up the wall. After waiting there a minute he saw a figure pass by. The figure had the red glow where his eyes would be that was the give off of what he was using to see during the night. The fly paused for a second. Figured the odds. Bent back against the wall. Then with a boost of energy he leaped. As soon as his feet left the wall he pulled his hands apart and used his cloak as a small glider. A bird of prey flying down onto its victim. The cloak caught on something. The bird fell to the unrelenting ground. The law of physics denying the bird of its flight. The red eyes demon turned. Seeing the fallen bird he slowly walked over to it.

'We have a problem. Locator says 43 meters behind you. Am investigating may need backup.'

'Roger that am shifting into heat scope will take a tick so will be there soon.'

A wounded animal lying on the ground. A fallen bird. A swatted fly. An injured man almost helpless. Almost. Turning its head so it could see who was approaching it. When the red eyed demon was within 10 feet the bird sprang up. With augmented reflexes the bird strikes. A swift punch at the demon. The punch connected and a spike sprang from the fist. A talon of the bird stabbing into the demon. A quickly withdrawn hand and a blade back snug in its place. Stripping off the goggles from its victim it put them on itself. A bird with red eyes it waited for the other.

'What was it?'


'Scout 1 can you hear me?'

The bird tapped its head and shook its head.

'Switching to vocal communication.'

As he approached the red eyed figure he pulled off his goggles and the switch from seeing the world and all its beauty in the variations in its heat levels to seeing it in the normal way took a few seconds to adjust. The bird moved. Its talon extended for longer reach it struck. It hit but not a killing blow like its other strike did just a small cut on the shoulder. The figure jumped back. The pain racing through its body. It now could see its opponent much better and he could see that it wasn't his partner. As he looked on the ground he saw Scout 1 lying there blood pooled around his body. The scout pulled his blade. Its 2-foot length and its lightweight a marvel of the future made in the past by a great master had no equal. The scout took his stance. The bird seeing that this fight was gonna take a while decided to make it go quickly. It slashed at the scout and then blocked a swift counterattack from it. After a few more moves and countermoves the fight looked about equal. Then with a surprising move the scout cut into its opponent's arm. The bird fell to the ground. Blood pouring from its wound it said, 'Fuck it.' Surprised the scout stood. Its sword ready it watched the bird climb back to its feet. The figure stood up and slowly regained its composure.

'You are a worthy foe, but you shall die like you friend did. I admire your skill but only one is gonna leave here and I plan on it being me.' The bird said.

'You are not better than I am. You killed my friend and now you shall pay for that crime with your life.'

The bird smiled but then quickly frowned. It reached into its coat and pulled out a small gun. This gun was a small-modified shotgun. It's double barrels sawed off and its butt cut short. Only a foot long the bird quickly raised it to eye level. The bird grinned and fired. The scout dropped. The sword that couldn't be bested by an opponent was beat by someone with better tech.

Grabbing what he could Cain took what he wanted from the two corpses. After looking around and scanning all radio channels to find out if someone else was coming along. Cain wasn't gonna rely on hope he relied on his skill and his surprises. He reloaded the gun.

The shadow left the night. Or was it the night left the shadow. Day came and nothing was left except two bodies and a dented can. The stars were replaced with people and the bodies replaced with more cans. The shadows destroyed with light. The darkness and silence were broken by a powerful force. The force of people starting their day with hope that tomorrow will be better. People going about their lives with hope for the future and dreams of things yet to come.