Feb 27th 2004
Finally made a decision. Regarding my writings. I should not care who reads them. I have been writing for years before the internet and will continue beyond its current incarnation. I put this site up for me. I understand this now. If they wish to try and watch from a distance then I do not care. I finally changed some of the short stories into html for easier reading on the eyes. I never really realized how annoying the .txt files were to read without word wrap. Also I corrected the writing.html. Also I removed the incorrect blog link.
Feb 8th 2004
Updating the dnd page a bit more. Threw on some info and will add a blog to this page for my thoughts and try to get myself writing more. I decided I will put on there whatever I feel like and not worry about who will read.
Jan 30th 2004
So a friend of mine has started up a blog. I once had a blog a long time ago but ceased it due to my questioning if it was a cry for attention. I am sure the blog sits there still unused and abandoned. Recently though I was pondering using a blog though to update my changes on the site and such instead of this simple setup now. Then I also run into the same question if I setup a blog then how much will I post and how much will I hide. I think I will reset a new blog for the sole purpose to get myself to write. It will not be a blog about me or my feelings but I will try to make it just a writing blog. Something I can write on and hopefully inspire me to write more.
Jan 17th 2004
So I have been looking at other websites and noticing how much better they look than mine. Pondering redoing the whole design of the site. This table setup I have had for a long time. Oh well.. Jan 14th 2004
HAve been working mostly on the dnd site. have been negelecting a few things. Mostly spelling and my writing. Am pondering how much I want to put on the site. How much do I wish to reveal. How much I hide from my friends and show to others. Nov 15th 2003
Been working a lot on the dnd portion of the site. Switchd out one of the songs for Beulah purple. Also got a responce from someone who wanted a copy of the CD. I screwed up by trying to make it look professional and kept screwing up. In the end mailing out a CDR with beulah purple written on it. Also two of the "Single" cd's I made a long time ago. Otherwise the dnd site is looking much better.. been putting lots of stuff in it. Chances are I will probably never run my world. ALso been trying to write at least 1800 words a day. I have not come even close to that. I want to aim for that but have been putting out 1500... 1200.. and I think today was 900 perhaps if I keep trying I will make the 1800. I would update the main site more but often ask what else can I add. Otherwise I will be changing the format a bit. I like the simple table format I have on the main page. Was pondering doing .css for more control but I know very little about css. Either way enjoy.
Sept 27th 2003
Another month has passed by. Beulah purple has not given me a history or any information from mark. I dont know if he blew me off or perhaps he forgot. I figured I will not bother him anymore. Added some more crap to my poetry page. Also my DnD website is coming along slowly. I keep running my campaign not so I can run but to help flesh out the details of my world. I keep adding stuff randomly there. Mostly have dieties now. I imagine I will get to the point where I will also be adding some feats just for the world. Plus make a few regional feats along with it. Am not sure. Its definitly going to be a long work in progress. I find that I keep saying I will be updating more often but mostly will update a bit here and a bit there but never add it in the update log. Oh well. Noone visits except me so I would say screw you but in the end am just telling it to myself. HA. Even now I sit here talking to myself. Oh well. Will keep on adding random stuff. If you want to know whats new either ask or look around. Someday I will also have to go and start cleaning up the bit of code I have. Most of it is simple now but I can see it getting worse if I dont start using good habits now.
August 23rd 2003
Wow it has definitly been a long time. My site got shutdown from KCI.net due to my little brother not paying the online bill. After a few months of trying to get it back up and going I realized what a pain kci.net was. They are a good company overall but in order to make changes on your site you have to upload over thier dialup lines. Otherwise it wont accept a FTP connection. So I decided around august 10th or so I was going to setup through a different provider. I went through yahoo.com because for 11.95 a month they offered 50megs of space and 20Gig/month bandwidth. Plus free domain registration. So after many years of having a site at kci.net/~kasmiur I now have kasmiur.net. I was considering getting kasmiur.com but since kasmiur is my pen name I figure if I ever get anything published or get widly known I would then get the .com address for that. Also leave the kasmiur.org for the porn site if my writing fails me. So I uploaded what I could. Sadly a few pages have been lost. Also it appears it has been a rough year and half for many people. Ashes to Ashes has shutdown. Beulah Purple is either broken up or about to. I am waiting for information on the band from Mark. I think he may have blown me off though. As for redesigning my site I decided I will stick to what i have now. I was pondering setting a layout for myself and having all the pages follow it. Havn't kept to that yet though. I guess I could try harder but then it seems I am the only one this site is for. I will accept thoughts and susgestions from others just follow the mail link down at the bottom.
May 4th 2002
Well a while back ago they had to restore the directory of my website and when they did they forgot to set permissions or something. got that corrected and have been dialing into thier computer and will now be updating my site. Pondering new layout. Or working on some CSS. Not sure. I know I will add the random poetry script and see how it turns out.
March 17th 2002
After a year or so of no updates or anything figured I would icq my little brother the files and have him upload the stuff. Apperently a return was missed from the quotes.js so I added it should add the random quotes. will see about fixing the poetry one and readding it to the site.
Febuary 28th 2001
Had some trouble adding files to my site because my ISP wont let me upload to my account if I wasn't logged on through thier dialup. so for the months that I had cable modem I wasn't able to share my writings.
June 17th 2000
Removed the random poetry javascript. It gave me some errors under IE and I figured I would remove it to help load time. Sifted through a lot of my poems. And I gotta say DAMN I have a lot of stuff written down. A Harddrive crashed erased a lot of my stuff I had on my harddrive:-( Will do something later. in the mean time check out www.kci.net/~kasmiur/random.txt
May 2nd 2000
Gave some names to a lot of poems in the poetry javascript. Increased the size of some and asked people to tell me thier fav's. Added a small Tandy page. You can see it as tandy.html. I took apart a old tandy laptop and got pictures for fun. Will update some more later. But till then :-p
April 30th 2000
Added some poems to the poems.html page. The poems added... Death to the poet... Faith and sigh... Rain... Love hurt... In love again... will add more perhaps copy some poems in the javascript on my page and put them on a seperate page so you can view them all. Either way enjoy if you have any commments let me know.
April 23rd 2000
KICKASS... can I say kickass here? I think.. wait its my page:-) Beulah Purple updated thier site. Man I must be a hardcore fan cause I check it once a day or so:-) PLUS they poped out a new song. Man if they don't come out with a record soon I am gonna burn a fewcd's of them and make a music video. These guys rock. check em out in my beulah purple area. Gonna update that.
April 8th 2000
Added two more peoms to the javascript.. its at 20.. I would add some more but I think I I will have to edit some and but better peoms on there. If you have any susgestion or whatnot let me know.
Also changed the layout/color a bit.. hope ya enjoy..
March 30th 2000
Added a few more poems. The java should be upto 18 different poems.. gonna hit 25 here soon. Also changed layout. Will ponder a different one if I can set it up.
March 29th/30th 2000
Adding a few more poems to the initial java. Gonna sort some of them and put them in the hate and love sections. Somedayperhaps I will name some of the stuff. But I will keep on adding because I will keep on feeling. Gonna work on background and update the whole site sigh
Feb 12 2000
Wow I havn't updated in a while. Luckly my computer was Y2K ready actually I figured y2k was a joke. Oh well. Added 4 poems in the random poem javascript. Sorry if one or two of em are too long sometimes people just need to tell me to shutup. Oh well. Will update again in future.
Sept 8th 1999
Apperently I forgot to add a " in my javascript. Dang it. The thing is pretty picky. small advice to people who use javascript don't be sloppy. Also fixed my invisible caffiene link that I had forgotten about. Well it was invis to those that use netscape or it was to me.
Sept 8th 1999
Added a new link in the linkx page. Took the underconstruction off of it. Added a link to linkx pages in index page. Added three lines of lyrics from a Creed song to the quote script on indexpage.
June 24th 1999
Added link to Beulah purple page. Added random poem javascript. will add more peoms as I write them and deem them worthy. Added Notepad.gif March 18th 1999.
Fixed random quote javascript. Please send me some quotes I can stick in there.
I removed the java off poweredby hate logo.
Removed the popup alert.
Added links to Archfiends utopia page.
Added link to this page.
Added the poem that was in front of page to the poem page and replaced the front peom.
The poem now on the front page is titled Emotional limbo.
Will update more often. come back soon.